- Scalability and Interoperability

We adapt to low-digitized environments, designing to ensure interoperability and scalability of digital models. The digitalization of variables and processes allows real-time control of the operation and the generation of optimization models with automatic alerts.


Increased Productivity

Improve your productivity through digitized quality controls that increase the speed of your decisions.

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At Onkore we have three products that allow you to pinpoint your opportunities and maximize the impact of each resource invested.

Each one of them is developed to optimize your operations in an easy and effective way, having all three will enhance the operational management of your organization.


Control and mitigate risk in your industrial operations.

With Dashkore you can:

– Visualize the risk profile of your machines and processes.
– Generate automatic alerts according to defined profiles.
– Predict undesired events.
– Define risk mitigation strategies.


Maximize your operation’s performance and productivity

With Mainkore you will be able to:

– Monitor your production in real time.
– Automate your process KPI’s.
– Analyze trends and correlate variables of your operation.
– Generate automatic alerts to support your decisions.


Optimize resource utilization by ensuring reliability and asset management

With Riskore you will be able to:

– Automate your Maintenance KPI’s.
– Analyze the quality of Maintenance Management.
– Allocate resources where they have an impact on your reliability.
– Measure the impact and quality of your maintenance plans on your business performance.

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DASHKORE - Performance Analytics

MAINKORE - Maintenance Analytics

RISKORE - Risk Assessment & Predictive Modeling


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