Who are we?

Our desire is to facilitate the work of industrial operations through solutions tailored to their needs, enabling them to be more productive and resilient.

Our purpose

Create value through the intelligent use of Persons Data Knowledge Weather Money

People - Data - Knowledge - Time - Money

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For many years, we have been measuring risk in industrial operations with the objective of understanding the best allocation of resources to improve short-term performance while simultaneously creating long-term value.

At the end of 2019, we decided to bring together our expertise in industrial plants with the knowledge of an expert team in data science, artificial intelligence, risk control and cybersecurity to leverage our risk assessment model and make it scalable for large volumes of assets and processes.

Over time, the model evolved to integrate production, quality and operational management information, allowing us to create a holistic approach to optimizing factory productivity.

Recently, with the development of artificial intelligence models in our processes, we are able to provide each customer with exactly what they need to achieve their objectives in a personalized way.


At Onkore, we strongly believe in a business world driven by informed decisions, backed by solid data and accurate analytics. We are dedicated to optimize the business decision making process, mitigating and monetizing risks in machinery, equipment and processes.


We understand that each operation is different and has its own priorities according to its context and objectives. We strive to deliver a solution that responds directly to these priorities and gives you concrete, actionable answers.


Although technology evolves rapidly, we are working hard to ensure that our technology is scalable, can be integrated with other solutions and allows predictive models to be enriched without having to renew their technological base.

At Onkore, we have world-class standards for world-class companies.

Some of our clients

Onkore Partners

Onkore Partners

Mauricio Boada

CEO - Onkore

More than 15 years of experience in manufacturing, maintenance and financial planning, leading high performance technical teams in Latin America.

Jose Diaz Evans

CRO - Onkore

More than 20 years of experience in Sales, leading and driving sales strategies in technology companies in Latin America.

- Solutions and services

DASHKORE - Performance Analytics

MAINKORE - Maintenance Analytics

RISKORE - Risk Assessment & Predictive Modeling


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